Central Services Refresh Programme (CSRP) - Post bind Submission (PbS)

Post bind Submission (PbS) is the first project within the wider Central Services Refresh Programme (CSRP). For further information on CSRP please see CSRP.

The principal aim of PbS is to upgrade the bureau services provided for the market by Xchanging Ins-sure Services (XIS). This will allow brokers to interact with insurers in London in the same way as they do in other insurance centres. It will reduce the number of London specific processes in use and make our market an ever more accessible part of the global insurance industry.

PbS consists of the introduction of ACORD EBOT (premiums) and ECOT (claims) messaging and processes into the Bureau, supported by an on-line submission portal for low volume brokers. The first phase (EBOT) was implemented in April 2016 to enable broker adoption.