April 2019

           The LMACC has reset its purpose, objectives & priorities in Q1 2019.

The LMA, in partnership with PwC, is pleased to release the Claims Workforce of the Future - London Market report.  

The claims modernisation strategy for 2019 has been delivered and is fully supported by the LMA Board and TOM Board.

» The Claims Committee governance structure has recently undergone a refresh.


Phase 1 of 
Gemini has been delivered.  

Two Insuretech claims solutions are in market pilot to address leakage/subro and fraud.  

E-binders has been designed to improve the handling of binders and complex classes/claims scenarios.

The TOM Claims Board and LMACC have agreed to progress to pilot an Auto Settlements project. 


Claims Guide provides an overview of the impact as a result of the recent changes to the claims committee governance structure.

The LMA launched two new claims committees to address issues affecting General Liability and Political Risk coverage.

The FIPI claims committee recently undertook a review of its priorities and initiatives to align with the LMACC's priorities. 


The LMA is in the final phase of consultation for a delegated claims model

The Co Lead Claims Agreement was published to support the streamlining of binder claims agreement practices. 

The BASCG has reviewed its strategic objectives for 2019 and beyond. 

There are a number of market modernisation developments affecting the DA market.



Lloyd's has engaged with the CFR Working Group and the LMACC to set the key objectives for the next cycle of CFR.

SCAP shows service improvement one year on.

Updates are provided on GDPR concerning the process in place at DXC.

The market formed a small working group to tackle claims specific challenges in relation to Brexit. 


The LMA/LIIBA U35 Claims Committee has decided to take on the exciting challenge of cycling from Essex to Amsterdam, in support of Kids Inspire UK.

The Claims Foundation Programme is aimed at those handling claims who have up to three years' experience of handling claims. Register your interest here

The Claims Development Pathway is an interactive learning tool and library designed to support you throughout your career. 


If you have any queries regarding anything in this newsletter, please contact the
LMA claims team.  

Please also refer to the claims activity tracker to monitor progress on actions and initiatives.