Bulletins & Press Releases
Quarterly Updates

Quarterly LMA team updates

CRO & Compliance Update

Update from Gary Budinger, Senior Executive, Finance & Risk, on behalf of the CRO Committee, issued on 25 August 2021  

CFO Update

Update from LMA's Finance Director Paul Davenport, on behalf of the LMA's Finance Committee, for Lloyd's market CFOs and Chief Actuaries - issued on 15 July 2021  

CEO Quarterly Report

Update from LMA's CEO Sheila Cameron to managing and members' agent CEOs, issued on 07 July 2021  

Regulatory Update

Update from LMA's Head of Regulatory Affairs Steve Morrell for compliance officers and Heads of Legal at managing and members' agents, issued on 18 June 2021  

HR & Academy Update

Update from LMA's HR & Academy Director for HR Directors and Heads of Talent, issued on 10 June 2021  

Chief Underwriting Officers' Quarterly

Update from LMA's Underwriting Director and Deputy Underwriting Director for Lloyd's market Chief Underwriting Officers, issued on 09 June 2021  

Operations Quarterly Update

Update from LMA's Operations Director Rob Myers for Lloyd's market Chief Operating Officers, issued on 26 May 2021  

Claims Quarterly

Update from LMA's Claims Director Lee Elliston to Heads of Claims and their teams in the Lloyd's market, issued on 05 November 2020