Lloyd's Market Association Bulletin

LMA15-052-JSN |  22 September 2015

Aviation Insurer Certificates Database

The LMA and IUA have worked over the past year towards revamping the aviation certificates database (AICD) and verifying its content. The database, which was originally created in late 2013, is now accessible from the following hyperlink:


The AICD contains LMA/IUA approved model certificates of aviation insurance. On the AICD website homepage, there is a joint LMA/IUA letter explaining in detail the background to the creation of the online database. The website also includes a Protocol to govern the use of the certificates and Market Reform Contract (MRC) Provisions to apply this new procedure to relevant risks. There is also a note relating to binding authorities and line-slips.

If you have any questions relating to the AICD or more widely on certification and aviation insurance please contact James Straker-Nesbit (james.straker-nesbit@lmalloyds.com / 020 7327 8406).

James Straker-Nesbit
Technical Executive, Underwriting