Placing Platform Limited - an update

Our member Bulletin of 15 October 2012 [LMA12-023-RG] communicated a joint statement which confirmed the LMA Board’s agreement to the LMA’s participation in discussions with LIIBA and IUA to explore the creation of a market governance structure to manage the market’s collective relationship with a placing platform supplier. This announced the creation of ‘Placing Platform Limited’ (PPL). PPL has recently issued a further statement which is attached here. For further information, please contact Rob Gillies at or on 020 7327 8377.

On a related subject, the aviation underwriting communities of LMA, IUA and LIIBA have recently agreed an initiative to increase the use of electronic support for endorsements. A copy of a circular to aviation underwriters is also attached here [LMA13-042-NS]. For further information, please contact Neil Smith at or on 020 7327 8333.

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Date: 17 December 2013

From: Director, Market Processes

Ref: LMA13-043-RG

PPL Update
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