London Market Modernisation Activity – A Bluffer's Guide

Issue 9 – September 2011
The latest issue of this publication is now available from our website via the above link.  This aims to help you stay abreast of the key developments in process change and understand their implications by providing:

  • an update on progress against the LMG 2011 workplan
  • high level summaries of major market change activities
  • details of who ‘owns’ and manages each activity
  • details of where to find further information
  • an analysis of how each activity relates to others and its implications for the future processing model
  • a glossary of terms and acronyms.

To suggest improvements to this publication, which is permanently available on the Market_Places/Bluffers_Guide page of the LMA website, please contact Keith Welch.


Rob Gillies
Head of Market Processes



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Date:  6 September 2011

From: Head of Market Processes

Ref: LMA11-019-RG