LMA Appoints Head of Legal and Compliance

The LMA is pleased to announce the appointment of Kees van der Klugt as Head of Legal and Compliance.

Kees’ primary responsibility will be to take the lead advising on all UK and overseas statutory compliance and regulatory issues on behalf of the LMA. 

Specific areas of attention will include the various proposals for reforming the structure and nature of financial services regulation and their implementation, and maintaining an overview of the UK and overseas legal and regulatory environment.

Kees brings over 9 years of managing agency experience to the LMA including most recently at Amlin where he has worked as their Compliance Officer. 

Kees takes up his new role on 19 October.


David Gittings
Chief Executive

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LMA Bulletin

Date: 6 August 2009

From: Chief Executive

Ref: LMA09-024-DG