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LMA16-020-AC  |  17 March 2016            

Insurance Act 2015 – Suite of LMA model clauses

The LMA has published a suite of 18 model clauses for use in connection with the Insurance Act 2015. The Act comes into force on 12 August 2016.
In addition, the LMA has produced supporting guidance to explain the suite of model clauses.

  Download the 18 new model clauses 
Guidance to Suite of LMA Model Clauses

These documents are also available on the Lloyd's Wordings Repository (LWR): 

These model clauses/conditions are purely illustrative and established and distributed for the guidance of members who may agree different conditions.

The model clauses were drafted by external Counsel (7 Kings Bench Walk), with input from Cooley LLP, and have undergone extensive review by the LMA’s Wordings Forum.

In addition, the LMA has produced supporting guidance, to explain the suite of model clauses, which can be found here:

The Insurance Act 2015: A practical guide to changes in UK Insurance Law
Insurance Act 2015: Quick Reference Guide

Any queries relating to the clauses or the supporting guidance may be addressed to:

Kees van der Klugt
Director, Legal & Compliance
Email: kees.vanderklugt@lmalloyds.com

Alison Colver
Manager, Wordings
Email: alison.colver@lmalloyds.com

David Powell
Manager, Non Marine
Email: david.powell@lmalloyds.com


Alison Colver
Manager, Wordings