Risk Code Triangulations

The loss ratio triangulations prepared using the more complete GQD dataset are now hosted on the Lloyd’s Insights Hub and called the “Underwriting Development Triangles”.  

The LMA ceased producing its own triangulations after the release of the Q2 2019 numbers.

The GQD based data has been available on the Insights Hub since 15 September 2020. 

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LMA Loss Triangles – Terms of Use

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1. “Data” means the quarterly loss triangulation outputs for each Lloyd’s risk code, including (i) the “gross-gross” signed premium on all policies; (ii) the acquisition costs on all policies; (iii) the level of gross paid claims; and (iv) the level of gross incurred claims, in each case pertaining to each risk code;
2. “we”, “us” and “our” means the Lloyd’s Market Association (the “LMA”) and, to the extent that it provides part of the Data, the Society incorporated by Lloyd’s Act 1871 (“Lloyd’s”); and
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More information on the basis of preparation and limitations of the Data can be found [here]. 

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