Syndicate Business Plan Programme Testimonials

Here are some testimonials from previous delegates of the Syndicate Business Plan Programme:

"I took part in the programme in the early part of 2014. The programme gave me multiple great opportunities both whilst it was happening and since the conclusion. Namely the opportunity to meet, and work with, peers in the market. Learning from what their experiences as well as sharing my own. The final presentation actually represented the most people I have ever presented to at one time – somewhat daunting – but since then I have completed multiple other presentations for my company with the knowledge I had done it before and succeeded. During the programme I was also afforded the chance to approach people within my company and tap into their knowledge and experience. Since the programme finished, it has been the back bone to demonstrate to senior management of what I am capable of, particularly my analytical skills. I would highly recommend completing this course; there is no other course where the scope is so wide, yet highly applicable to my day to day work, and encourages innovation and imagination."

"I found the SBP to be a valuable course, with the teaching providing me with a broad understanding of how the various departments within a Syndicate have to collaborate to develop a business plan. Although highly intense and a big commitment, the highlight for me was the teamwork element of the course. We were put in a situation where we had to work extremely closely with one another over a long period and I am in no doubt that the relationships made during this course will last."

"The Syndicate Business Plan was both an enjoyable and educational experience, which I would thoroughly recommend to any young professional wishing to raise their profile and further their career in the Lloyd’s market. As a Claims Adjuster, it was particularly interesting for me to learn more about the Underwriting and Risk areas, which I do not have as much exposure to on a day-to-day basis. It is also an excellent opportunity to meet both contemporaneous peers in the market, as well as senior professionals from managing agents, Lloyd’s and the LMA. The programme does involve some hard work and commitment, however you will walk away equipped with skills that you can use for the rest of your career, whether in insurance or elsewhere."

"The entire SBP programme is immaculately run from start to finish, combining carefully planned and challenging class room sessions with a practical case that promotes and rewards both innovation and accuracy. My knowledge of the internal workings of an insurance company have vastly improved as a result of completing the course, which has allowed me to contribute more within my work place and take more responsibility where appropriate. I would highly recommend this course to any ambitious insurance professional who has a desire to broaden their market knowledge."

"I found being a delegate on the syndicate business plan incredibly worthwhile. It provided a great opportunity to learn about other areas of a syndicate other than just my own class of business. It was so useful being in a group with people you had never met before and learning to work together as a team to formulate our final plan.  It helped enormously with my presentation skills and confidence, not only through the final presentation in the Old Library but also in the practice with Gill Nichols and the tips given to us. It give me valuable exposure to some of the more senior members of Lloyd’s and also allowed to me meet some of my peers in the market outside of Ark. I would definitely recommend the course to anyone."

"Participation in the SBP programme was a rewarding experience. The course agenda included the key areas within a SBP and provided candidates with a strong foundation in a variety of topics. In addition, the inclusion of subject matter experts as guest speakers provided additional insight into these topics as well as providing key resource contacts during the course. I was impressed with the ambition and diversity of experience/background of the other candidates within the programme which significantly added value to the teamwork based curriculum."

"I participated on the Lloyd’s Business plan two years ago, prior to this I only had a basic insight into the underwriting portion of a Lloyd’s Business plan. However due to wide scope of the project, covering such topics as exposure management, reinsurance and financial, it not only widens your knowledge but has helped me in my everyday work, by providing me with insight into areas I wouldn’t otherwise have had much knowledge about. Being a delegate was an interesting experience as it forces you to have conversations with not only people from new organisations, but also areas of your own company which you wouldn’t normally, thus broadening your working circles. In light of this program, I then participated to a great extent in creating my own departments business plan, completing a large amount of statistics and using ideas gained during this process. Therefore I would definitely recommend taking part in the project due to the opportunities it opens up."

"The SBP presents its candidates with some real opportunities to discuss their learning and ideas with some experienced, and sometimes very senior professionals within their own organisation. I found great benefit in setting up meetings with line underwriters across the group to learn more about their business unit, risk profile and risk appetite and found myself able to confidently discuss business plans with my divisional head. The SBP helped me to develop my understanding of how a syndicate targets profitable growth and I also gained some key skills that have supported my development within both my previous role (as an Underwriting Assistant) and my role now as a Trainee Underwriter."