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Business Management Development Programme

13 September - 03 December 2018


This programme is designed for delegates who:
  • are likely to have been alumni of LMA Academy foundation programmes. Ideally, attendance at one of these programmes would be from 2015 or earlier to enable delegates to have at least three more years’ business experience
  • are in management or professional technical roles where success comes from the ability to understand and work across wider business functions and which carry responsibilities beyond one sole function within a syndicate. They are likely to be on a succession plan, with identified potential to pre-board/ExCo appointment roles.


Date: 13 September - 03 December 2018
Programme:  Six learning modules, two extracurricular sessions and one final presentation to a panel of judges. 
Location: various locations in the Lloyd's building.
Fee: £2,500 + VAT

Download the programme brochure for more information


The LMA Academy’s Business Management Development Programme is an interactive and highly practical course that will introduce participants to the multidisciplinary nature of business management within a Lloyd’s managing agent and its crucial link to business performance.

The programme intentionally builds on the learning from Academy foundation competence programmes to broaden individual skill sets beyond the day-to-day role. To contribute to an essential and wider business education, the programme:

  • connects the separate LMA Academy foundation programme strands
  • builds on and extends particular and key foundation topics
  • introduces additional topics to prepare individuals who are progressing beyond working within a single function and are moving into more senior roles.

As with the LMA foundation programmes, it is modular. It provides delegates with an opportunity to meet and work with acknowledged experts from across the Lloyd’s market, to work in co-operation with peers and have their ultimate learning tested.

The aim of the programme is to open the door to the decision making that takes place at the top of managing agents through exploring and evaluating the critical business activities, including:

  • exploring and analysing the business model of a Lloyd’s managing agent
  • defining the purposes of the Own Risk and Solvency Assessment (ORSA), its key components and the critical business decisions required
  • describing what successful capital management means in practice
  • identifying the cost base and demonstrating how it must be managed
  • outlining the main elements of an investment strategy and relating it back to the underlying business and underwriting strategy
  • summarising the objectives and activities of business governance through reference to the Lloyd’s Minimum Standards
  • exploring the competitive opportunities and risks presented by innovation and change
  • developing the skills of individual, continuous reflective learning.

Like many LMA programmes, it is modular and provides delegates with an opportunity to meet and work with acknowledged experts from across the Lloyd’s market, to work in co-operation with peers and have their ultimate learning tested. 

Please note: delegates are required to attend all teaching modules and will be required to complete extracurricular hours working with their team to develop their presentations. The full support of their line manager is critical to allow them the time to do the work.


John Constable and Jonathan Besso-Cowan from Searchlight Insurance Training will work with the delegates throughout the programme and will present Module 1. Professor Julian Birkinshaw from London Business School will present Module 2. Markus Gesmann and Quentin Moore will present Modules 3-5. Judy Delaforce from BP & E Global will present Module 6.


Applications for the 2018 programme have now closed. 


This programme is accredited by the CII and qualifies for 28 CII CPD hours.

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Applications for the 2018 programme have now closed.