Using Technology to Persuade the Modern American Jury

Tuesday 04 April 2017
15.30 - 17.00, Old Library, Lloyd's, London EC3M 7HA

The presentation explores the mindset, psychology, and decision making process for the modern American juror. Following the information explosion and proliferation of social media, the manner in which evidence is presented has to evolve from customary norms to be more persuasive. The presentation will therefore focus on how to utilise technology in evidence presentation to fit with how a modern jury learns, incorporates, and processes information and resulting conclusions. The old way of jury trials has to yield to the development of new ways to capture short attention spans caused by changes in information processing. The presentation is a useful tool for all lines of business where the risk and controversy could be subject to a trial on the merits.


Will Moye is a trial attorney with an emphasis on defending complex casualty claims in the energy, transportation, and marine sectors. He also represents a leading automobile manufacturer in their product liability litigation. His practice also involves the representation of lawyers, architects, and engineers for their professional liability claims.

Guillermo Lopez is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer with over 10 years' experience in a range of technical and project management roles for the Upstream Oil and Gas and Insurance industries. He provides technical support for insurance, legal and corporate clients, including machinery inspections, accident investigation, risk engineering and asset integrity assessments.

This presentation can be included as part of your CPD requirement should you consider it relevant to your professional development needs. Certificates will be provided after the event to all those who attend. 


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