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SCAP one year in webinar

Tuesday 12 March 2019
Event: 15.00 - 16.00


All claims practitioners within carriers and brokers.


The Single Claims Agreement Party (SCAP) went live in 2018. Since go-live, we have analysed the usage of SCAP within the London Market and identified the most common trends and behavioural patterns that hinder the benefits that SCAP delivers for organisations.

‘SCAP refresher’ sessions are designed for claims practitioners who are currently handling SCAP claims, wishing to improve their knowledge and leverage recent changes and improvements in the operational process.

This session will be interactive and will be divided into concise learning elements that identify solutions to common trends and lessons learnt.

Attendees will benefit from: 

  • recent changes in the operational process and how to leverage the full benefits of SCAP
  • an introduction to robotics and automation within SCAP that will reduce touchpoints in the claims handling process.

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