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Loss Definition and Aggregation Clauses: International Casualty Reinsurance Technical Training 

Monday 29 April 2019
Event: 13.00 - 14.00
Venue: LMA Boardroom, Gallery 4, Lloyd's, London EC3M 7DQ 


Casualty treaty, underwriters/assistant, underwriters with two+ years' experience.


The LMAInternational Casualty Reinsurance Panel is arranging a series of technical training sessions for international casualty reinsurance underwriters/assistant underwriters focussing on key clauses found within treaty contracts.

The session will focus on loss definition and aggregation clauses, led by David May, a highly experienced casualty treaty underwriter. This session will explore why such clauses are included in contracts, how they operate and how they may vary across the market.

This is the fifth session in a broader series of training sessions aimed at improving knowledge of commonly used casualty treaty contractual terms and conditions.

This will be an interactive session based on group discussion and review of the clauses/written materials (to be provided in advance to attendees). This session qualifies for 1 hour of CII CPD.

This session is for underwriters/assistant underwriters at either LMA or IUA member firms only.

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To register for this event please email Jackie: jackie.clark@lmalloyds.com.

Book now

To register for this event please emails Jackie: jackie.clark@lmalloyds.com.

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