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Finance Committee Forum 

Monday 18 November 2019
Event: 15.00 - 16.30
Venue: Old Library, Lloyd's, London EC3M 7HA


CFOs, FDs and actuaries including anyone with an interest in finance. This event is open to LMA members only. 


The next FinCom forum event will take place on Monday 18 November from 15.00 to 16.30 in the Old Library, Lloyd’s.

The agenda is currently being finalised, but we plan to feature the following:

  • Outline of key FinCom work in 2019 (Mark Allan, FinCom Chair)
  • Lloyd’s CFO update (Burkhard Keese)
  • Future at Lloyd’s:
    - Capital (Simon Claydon) 
    - LMA engagement (Paul Davenport)
  • Panel Discussion (All speakers)
  • FinCom priorities for 2020 (Mark Allan).


This event is open to LMA members only. If you wish to attend please email Sophie Thorne. 

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This event is open to LMA members only.

If you would like to register please email Sophie: sophie.thorne@lmalloyds.com.

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Sophie Thorne
Executive Secretary