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Chief risk officers are no strangers to adapting to significant changes in our industry. Yet those brought about by COVID-19, one of the most dramatic events in the market’s history, seriously tested the CRO’s capacity to adapt. 5/7/2021
Post-COVID challenges for the Risk Function
In many ways the Lloyd’s Bloodstock market epitomizes Lloyd’s as a place to do business; it is a specialty marketplace with expert underwriters working with niche brokers to provide unique products to a global client base. 4/13/2021
2021: A Big Year for Bloodstock at Lloyd’s
Find out about the new Expert Management platform that enables carriers to better manage their relationships, associated performance, cost and policyholder outcomes, while managing and assessing claims expense and leakage. 3/16/2021
Gemini – Disrupting Expert Management & Fee Processing in London
Sheila Cameron talks through the LMA's 2021 priorities. 3/1/2021
Foundation for the future
In 2019 the Future at Lloyd’s could not have anticipated the accelerant of COVID-19, lock-down and all that it brought with it. 2/2/2021
Future at Lloyd's: Blueprint Two – ‘it's now or never'
Find out about themes that emerged from the first week workshops & interviews, which included over 300 contributions from the global DA community. 1/18/2021
Together we are going to change DA


Gemini Update – Market Adoption, Guidance
[LMA21-023-TB5/5/2021] To provide clarity and guidance on the recommendation for full market adoption and charging model, as consulted with and supported by the LMACC and LMAOC, enabling the transactional charges for Gemini to be shared equitably across all subscribers.

Joint Specie Committee 2021 Election Results
[LMA21-020-SR4/29/2021] The recent call for nominations from the electorate and subsequent election for available places on the JSC have led to the following members for the 2021 Committee year.

LMA's Operational Resilience Working Group Guidance published
[LMA21-021-MW4/29/2021] The LMA's Operational Resilience Working Group has published a guidance document for the market on the recent FCA/PRA rules on operational resilience that come into force next year.

Press releases

LMA appoints Ramage as legal director
[4/29/2021] The Lloyd’s Market Association (LMA) has announced the appointment of Arabella Ramage to replace legal director Kees van der Klugt, who is retiring in September after more than a decade in the role.

LMA Response to COVID-19
[3/13/2020] The LMA has set out a ‘work from home’ Business Continuity Plan from Tuesday 17 March up until the end of March. While the office is closed, the LMA is still open for business and operating as close to usual as possible.

LMA and 6point6 to re-imagine the delegated authority model
[11/17/2020] The LMA has launched a project to re-imagine the existing business and distribution model for delegated authority.

Quarterly updates

CFO Update
[3/24/2021] Update from LMA's Finance Director Paul Davenport, on behalf of the LMA's Finance Committee, for Lloyd's market CFOs and Chief Actuaries - issued

Operations Quarterly Update
[2/2/2021] Update from LMA's Operations Director Rob Myers for Lloyd's market Chief Operating Officers, issued on

Chief Underwriting Officers' Quarterly
[12/7/2020] Update from LMA's Underwriting Director and Deputy Underwriting Director for Lloyd's market Chief Underwriting Officers, issued on