Notification of new Wordings are regularly posted to this page. You can also download a list of all wordings and clauses published to the Lloyd's Wordings Repository (LWR) to date in 2015.

Recently Issued Wordings

Note: This website only references new (and occasionally, frequently requested) wordings.

LMA Wordings issued in 2015
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Note: This website only references new (and occasionally, frequently requested) wordings. 


The Lloyd’s Wordings Repository

Lloyd's Wordings RepositoryThe Lloyd's Wordings Repository - searchable by reference, market, class of business, jurisdiction or language - enables you to view vetted policy wordings and clauses regularly used within the London market.

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Usage of wordings/clauses

From time to time, the LMA publishes “LMA” referenced (prior to 2003 “NMA” referenced) wordings and clauses “endorsed” by the Non Marine Committee as model clauses.  The models are therefore purely illustrative and distributed for the “guidance” of its Members, who are free to agree to different conditions or amend as they see fit.  The LMA does not publish written guidelines with regard to application or intent of any specific contractual terms (unless use of such contractual terms would constitute a breach or potential breach of any law or regulation) and we therefore cannot release any clause drafting history for LMA or NMA wordings. The LMA (including all panels and working groups) in drafting such clauses operates under strict terms of reference to ensure, amongst other things, compliance with Competition Law and it is for Underwriters to decide whether or not any contractual language is acceptable on any given risk.