Peter Griggs

Peter Griggs - Head of IT

Peter has two main areas of responsibility at the LMA : to manage the implementation and maintenance of IT systems internally for the benefit of all LMA staff, and to participate in Market Modernisation projects generally. Within the market the E-Accounting project delivering the Xchanging Splits Service centrally, and the Genesis - Data Capture Service project phase 1, both completed successfully in 2014. Peter is now actively involved in both CSRP and TOM and continues to contribute to Market Modernisation in all it's forms. Support for the London IT community is through two specific committess, attended by senior carrier IT staff and carrier software house representatives. Internally, the LMA members system is of particular importance as it is used to enhance the Association’s communications and interaction with members through the website and other channels.      

Email:  Tel: 020 7327 8380