Loss Ratio Triangulations

Updates usually become available approximately 6 weeks after the quarter end. LMA receives the loss ratio data from Xchanging and formats it by Lloyd's Risk Code for the 1993 year of account and subsequent.

Please note the following before proceeding to the 'Reports & Tools' link, below:

  1. Who can access these reports?
    Only staff at LMA full member organisations are entitled to access these reports. When you click the link below you will be prompted for your username and password if you are not currently logged into the website
  2. I'm logged on but still cannot access the reports
    If you have just created a new user profile, validation which enables you to access these reports can take up to 1 hour. Please check again a little later. If you are still denied access, please email lma@lmalloyds.com.
    If you have forgotten your username and password please email lma@lmalloyds.com  
  3. Enable macros
    It will be necessary to enable macros to utilise the data. Click here for information on how to do this.
  4. Issues when downloading
    We have been informed that some members have experienced difficulties when opening the triangulations following downloading them from the LMA website. Generally, these issues manifest themselves as error messages preventing the files being opened or by returning the same results regardless of the risk code report requested. An audit has revealed no technical issues with our website operation so the next possibility is a software conflict with Managing Agents’ systems and we would therefore ask members experiencing such problems to first investigate a resolution with their head of IT In the event that this does not rectify the problem please contact patrick.davison@lmalloyds.com or neil.roberts@lmalloyds.com
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Instructions on how to enable macros