About Lloyd's

A face-to-face risk market

Lloyd's is the world’s specialist insurance market where insurers - or managing agents - operate through ‘syndicates’ to insure risks. Unlike many other insurance brands, Lloyd's is not a company, it is a market where syndicates join together to insure risks.

A wide range of risks are written at Lloyd’s. These risks are placed through Lloyd's brokers who facilitate the risk-transfer process between clients (policyholders) and underwriters.

Clients can discuss their risk needs with a broker, a coverholder or a service company. Specialist underwriters for each syndicate price, underwrite and handle any subsequent claims in relation to the risk.

The Corporation of Lloyd's regulates the market and works closely with the managing agents and brokers.

How the Lloyd's market works

Lloyd's is at the forefront of most major risks worldwide. When a natural disaster occurs, such as damage to property from natural hazards including: earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes or tornadoes, you can often guarantee that the Lloyd's market has insured part of it. 

The Lloyd's market leads insuring risks on cargo ships, aviation, satellites, oil rigs, kidnap and ransom, cyber risk, war and terrorism, contingency which covers major pop concerts and festivals - to name just a few.
Three important things to remember about Lloyd's are:

1. It is not Lloyds Bank.
2. You should never forget the apostrophe in Lloyd's.
3. It is a market place which facilitates business - Lloyd's is not a business itself.