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Joint Cargo Committee Forum: IHS Markit Cargo Risks Outlook

Wednesday 13 February 2019
Event: 10.00 - 11.30
Venue: Old Library, Lloyd's, London EC3M 7HA


Anyone with an interest in marine cargo business, terrorism and violent risks to all types of cargo.


The first Joint Cargo Committee (JCC) Forum in 2019 will take place in Lloyd’s Old Library at 10.00 on Wednesday 13 February.

The Forum will include a brief report on current JCC activity, followed by an IHS Markit briefing on the cargo risks outlook for 2019.

The IHS Markit Country Risk team will give a presentation highlighting:

  • the global piracy outlook
  • Sub-Saharan Africa: Cargo risks in Nigeria and the Sahel
  • Latin America: Update on cargo theft in Brazil and Mexico; impact of port unrest in Argentina, Brazil and Chile
  • Asia: Afghanistan, risks to aviation cargo, Pakistan, impact on cargo of Balochi separatist campaign, Singapore-Malaysia territorial waters dispute
  • Eastern Europe: Impact of Russia-Ukraine dispute on cargo risks in Black Sea/Sea of Azov
  • Middle East and North Africa: Cargo risk outlook in Syria and Yemen.

The team will be prepared to take questions on the topics covered and other cargo risks.

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