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Bad Faith and Extra-Contractual Issues: traps for the unwary
24 January 201909.30 - 11.00, Old Library, Lloyd's, London EC3M 7HA  

The presentation will offer practical guidelines in navigating potential issues arising from both the investigation and handling of first and third party claims and will focus on the New England states.

Nick Mills' Memorial Lecture
25 January 201912.15 - 13.15, Old Library, Lloyd's, London EC3M 7HA  

This year’s speaker is Dr Frederic Barrelet who will speak on 'Advances and Evolving Risks in Veterinary Stud Farm Practice'.

Structured Data Capture Demonstration 2018
29 January 2019& various dates, 14.30 - 15.30, LMA Presentation Room, Suite 426, Gallery 4, Lloyd's, London EC3M 7DQ  

The SDC service extracts data from MRC slips into structured ACORD placing message format, which can then be consumed by any IT system where the data is usually re-keyed.

Introduction to Insurance and the Lloyd's Market
11 February 201909.30 - 17.00, LMA Presentation Room, Gallery 4, Lloyd’s, London EC3M 7DQ  

This one-day, foundation level programme will provide delegates with a sound level of understanding of the function of insurance and the various organisations which are part of the Lloyd’s insurance market.

Living with US Litigation
12 May 2019- 17 May 2019  

This programme will provide delegates with a heightened understanding of US civil litigation through real-time, first-hand exposure to courts and experienced attorneys.

2019 Essex to Amsterdam Cycle Ride
30 June 2019- 30 June 2019, Essex to Amsterdam  

The LMA/LIIBA U35 Claims Committee has decided to take on the exciting challenge of cycling from Essex to Amsterdam, in support of Kids Inspire UK.

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